Skip West

Chief Executive Officer and Financial Advisor

Skip West is a tax consultant with over 20 years of expertise assisting customers with retirement planning. He is skilled in a variety of areas, including retirement planning, budgeting, taxes, legacy planning, and estate planning.

He realizes that each client's retirement requirements and objectives are unique. That is why he collaborates closely with them to develop customized strategies based on their retirement goals. Skip assists retirees in minimizing tax responsibilities and planning for what they leave behind, whether they wish to travel, donate, have a "retirement job," or rest.

West is a veteran in the financial field with over two decades of experience. He is the founder and primary financial advisor at West Financial Group, a boutique-sized independent financial planning firm he launched in Wildwood, Florida, in 2003. The firm specializes in assisting retirees and pre-retirees in developing long-term financial strategies, including retirement income, taxes, legacy, and estate planning.

West graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1972 with a Bachelor's in Engineering. He has always been an entrepreneur, and in his years of experience, he discovered his passion for financial planning. He has since been a financial advisor for several decades and has recently developed a specialty in helping retirees enjoy their dream retirement.

One of West's key strategies is to provide personalized service. He works with clients to create individualized programs based on their preferred retirement lifestyle. He is skilled in financial planning and advisory services, including budgeting, taxes, legacy, and estate planning. In addition, he also helps clients determine their insurance needs, including life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Aside from providing one-on-one assistance, West frequently hosts seminars and teleconferences on various topics, ranging from protecting oneself from stock market risk to how to have a guaranteed income for life. He has recently provided resources on the CARES Act and its updates and annuities during the pandemic. The seminars are typically free and open to the public.

Despite living in a retirement community, West keeps abreast of current events and attends continuing education events. He is also an author, having written books on retirement strategies, including conquering the fear of uncertainty, spending more time on the green, and how not to outlive the money.

As President, CEO, and chief financial advisor at West Financial Group, West are dedicated to helping retirees and pre-retirees make informed financial decisions and achieve their retirement goals.